Second Place Scholarship Winner – Aundrea Temple

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on June 3, 2015

PNG_8586(Aundrea Temple pictured here with her father Ron Temple)

Congratulations to Aundrea Temple, the second place winner in our 5th annual What Makes a House a Home scholarship contest. Aundrea wrote a great essay sharing that home resides in your soul. Her essay, Home is Where the Soul Is, makes you want an invitation to her dinner table just to get a taste of that lasagna her mom makes, the lasagna that makes her feel at home!

Wonderful job Aundrea!

Here’s her winning essay:

Home is Where the Soul Is

Many people consider home to “be where the heart is”. I believe home is where the soul is. Soul food to be more specific. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a strong African American Culture with some delicious fried chicken, collard greens and corn bread cooking family members, but I mean the soul food that makes you feel good from the inside out, makes you feel good from deep within your soul. My house can be described like most homes. A physical structure with a roof, front door and windows, working parents and a sibling and furry pet siblings. However, what makes my house a home is walking through the front door on my birthday and smelling the homemade lasagna baking in the oven because my mom knows it’s my favorite meal. The Bratwurst and Sauerkraut cooked every year on Christmas Eve, that is a part of my German heritage and a meal we inherited from grandparents as we continue the tradition. I can walk into anyone’s home, and the unique, mesmerizing smell of my home, cannot be matched. Homemade meals mean that dinner will be eaten as a family together. A time to reminisce about the day. A time to discuss hopes and dreams, prom proposals and test scores and college admissions. It can be quite fascinating how far back in history a family recipe may have been passed down. To know that one day, I will be cooking these meals for my spouse, my family and friends, will be an honor. I will be attending college in the fall this year and my ‘home’ may change many times over the next four years. However, my home will continue to be where the soul food is. The physical home that I grew up in, could burn down or my parents could sell it. I would miss the stairs up to my room and my green painted bathroom with the tropical fish, but I have pictures of those physical locations. However, when I close my eyes, and take a bite of my mom’s lasagna, that is where home is. That overwhelming feeling of time and care it took to make the meal, and knowing my family is close by, that is home. That is where my soul is.

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