Home Decor: Trimmings That Transition From Fall to Winter

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on October 21, 2019


It’s that time of year again — the time when pine cones, pumpkins, and that gorgeous fall foliage are on full display. But don’t you just hate that the fall season seems to end so swiftly? And that those gorgeous autumn decorations have to come down even quicker than you put them up? Not to worry, friends! Your home decor can last throughout both cold weather seasons with these simple tricks and tips that easily transition from autumn into winter.

Pumpkin Spice Things Up.

metallic pumpkins home decorIt’s no surprise that pumpkins come in first place when it comes to autumn decorations, but you can actually add more variety to your gourds to make them last throughout the winter months. This means forgoing everything you know about your basic orange pumpkin and put an emphasis on shiny or painted pumpkins. Painting them white (or red, or green, or blue…you pick!) or adding a pop of sparkle with some glitter give an appropriate nod to both seasons. Bonus: If you make this process a DIY activity with your kids, this can quickly become your new tradition!

Warm Up With Colors.

warm color palette home decorA warm palette of orange, yellow, and red gives any room a seasonal lift that not only works for the fall but easily transitions into the winter months as well. From accent pillows and rugs to decorative pumpkins, frames, and knick-knacks alike, there are countless ways to utilize this warm color palette.

Look To Nature.

citrus home decorYou can’t go wrong looking to nature for decorating inspiration. Look to the colors found in nature for influence. Orange, yellow, red, and green are the natural colors of the season. These colors are versatile, pairing well with dark woods and also with a crisp white.  Natural textures, or even actual foliage, are another great way to design your home for the holidays. Try decorating your mantel or any other empty surface you may have with fresh fruit and/or greenery. Look for colorful, long-lasting citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and lemons. You can arrange the fruit to your liking and even include cuts of evergreen branches or other greenery to complete the space.

Light It Up!

twinkle lights pumpkins home decortwinkle lights home decorWe can’t think of any trimming more transitional than a string of lights. Not only does it add an obvious sparkle to any space, but it’s also incredibly easy and almost effortless. Take this simple topiary, for example. Put together with elements found outdoors during the fall, it seamlessly transitions to a winter focal point with just a single strand of lights. You can apply this technique to indoor decorations as well, such as across the mantel or even fill your vases with them!

Lasting Lanterns.

lanterns home decorSpeaking of lights, let’s reassess our front porch lanterns! It only takes a single minute to switch the vibe of your porch lanterns from fall to winter. All you need to do is swap out their “fillings” and possibly add a decorative ribbon. From pumpkins and pinecones to ornaments and evergreen, this seasonal shift takes almost no time at all.

Reverse! Reverse!

reversible home decorreversible home decorArguably the greatest transitional decor is anything reversible. Write a fall message on the front of some wood with a winter phrase on the back. Make a pumpkin stack that doubles as a snowman! There are even reversible decorations already made on sites like Amazon to make your life even easier!

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