Coldwell Banker’s Homes for Dogs

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on July 28, 2017

The difference between a house and a home can be many things, but for most the difference  lies in the love and memories held in the four walls. Some of our best memories are accompanied with thoughts of our smallest family members – our fury pets. Animal lovers know that nothing beats the greeting of your loyal friend after a long day.

This sentiment is why Coldwell Banker founded the Homes for Dogs Project, a partnership with aimed at helping adoptable dogs find loving homes. Together, the two have helped more than 20,000 dogs find homes across the country.

“We share Coldwell Banker’s view that nothing turns a house into a home more quickly than the addition of a loving pet,” said Abbie Moore, executive director of “And we are so inspired by the desire of Coldwell Banker to launch this amazing program.”

We kicked off our Homes for Dogs campaign this year with a great video titled Somebody to Love.  This commercial perfectly captures the bond shared between a dog and its newfound loving owner. This one is sure to pull at your heartstrings, so grab a tissue and check it out here:

This fall Coldwell Banker’s across the country are continuing to further this amazing campaign. To take part in helping more amazing dogs find a perfect home, be sure to visit our local Thurston County Animal Shelter at: as well as searching for reputable dog rescue locations through our local Adopt-A-Pet at:

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