A Few Things Everyone from Thurston County Knows to be True

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on May 2, 2018

Located in the state of Washington, Thurston County is comprised of the cities of Lacey, Olympia, Rainier, Tenino, Tumwater, Yelp and the town of Bucoda. Hundreds of thousands of people are proud to call Thurston County home. Those that do live here know everything there is to know about the area. Here are six things everyone from Thurston County knows to be true.

1. Procession Of The Species Is One of The Biggest Events Of Spring


Procession Of The Species represents the culture and progressive nature of the people in Thurston County. A celebration of the Earth and everything that calls it home, this annual luminary procession occurs every spring. The parade is a unique nonprofit community project that lets locals of all ages show off their creativity. It’s very colorful and a whole lot of fun.


2. The Mima Mounds Are A Mystery

mima mounds Zack Frank/Shutterstock

No one knows how the Mima Mounds were created, but everyone from Thurston County has their own ideas about the mysterious mounds. They are regularly spaced, six to eight feet tall, and cover the 600-plus-acre Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve. Some say it’s the work of UFOs, while others say gophers. Regardless of what or who created the mounds, people love to speculate about them.


3. The Tenino Quarry Pool Is One of The Best Swimming Spots

tenino quarry pool Photo via Tripadvisor

According to locals, the Tenino Quarry Pool is one of the the best swimming spots around. It’s a public outdoor pool that was created by letting groundwater enter an abandoned sandstone quarry. You’re always bound to see people frolicking in the water or relaxing nearby, it’s one of the coolest places to hang out in Thurston County.


4. The Olympia Farmers Market Will Never Get Old

olympia farmers market Photo via The Olympia Farmers Market Facebook page

The Olympia Farmers Market is a community gathering spot where local vendors sell fresh produce, flowers, specialty foods and arts and crafts. It’s one of the greatest places in Thurston County, and many locals love to spend their time mingling, shopping, and eating from the seven restaurant stands. There’s even a small stage boasting live music and you can walk to the waterfront to check out the views.


5. Biking Is The Greatest Way To Get Around

two girls riding bike Annette Shaff/Shutterstock

Thurston County boasts some of the best bicycle routes in the state of Washington. There are extensive paths, low traffic roads, and varied terrain, making it an area filled with avid cyclists. The communities in the area pride themselves on being bicycle friendly. Check out the Thurston County Bicycle Map to plan your next ride.


6. The Food Scene is Unbeatable

budd bay cafe Photo via Budd Bay Cafe Facebook Page

You’ve heard about the amazing restaurants in big cities around the world, but if you grew up in Thurston County you know you’ve had some of the best food ever, due to the eclectic restaurants in the area offering numerous cuisines and memorable dining experiences. There’s Budd Bay Cafe, Anthony’s Homeport Olympia, McMenamins Spar Cafe, Casa Mia of Lacey, Iron Rabbit, and Ranch House BBQ & Steakhouse, just to name a few.


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