Winter Maintenance Tips

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on November 25, 2015

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Oh the weather outside is chillful but prepping your home for the cold shouldn’t be frightful! Bracing your home for winter is very important. Here are the Top 5 Winter Tips in getting ready for the chilly days ahead:

Furnace – The middle of winter is not the time to wake up in a freezing house. Now is a great time to have a licensed HVAC expert service clean, inspect and ready your furnace for the winter months.

Fireplace – While having your furnace inspected, ask your HVAC expert to check the fireplace so that heat is heading right up and out of your chimney. Have your flue and chimney inspected to make sure they are working properly.

Gutters – Cleaning out your gutters of any leaves and debris is a regular maintenance element that here in the Pacific Northwest is very important as we head into our rainy season.

Ducts – Have your ducts check for proper sealing and insulation. Tightly sealed ducts can save money on your annual energy bills!

Outdoor faucets – While we don’t experience a lot of deep freeze, we still face some chilly nights that could pose damage to your outdoor water faucets. Be sure to hoses and get an insulated cover for the faucets to prevent freezing damage to the pipes.

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