Remember When?

March 5, 2014

Having served the Thurston County real estate markets since the 1960s, our company has been through a great many market cycles.  Over those 46 years we’ve used a lot of tools to help serve our clients.  Recently, we ran across a mortgage payment table book from 1985. Books like this were standard issue in those […]

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Market News – Local Prices Still on the Rise

February 19, 2014

Those who follow our blog know that we have been commenting about local home prices being on the rise.  Beginning in 2012, we began pointing out that conditions were in place for our market to experience rising prices in 2013.  In fact, the last half of 2013 saw modest but steady gains in home prices.  […]

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Smart Buying in a Seller’s Market

February 14, 2014

In this market, buyers need to know that most price ranges are attracting more buyers than sellers. This makes it competitive for buyers; and these conditions can tempt the unprepared to go places they wouldn’t otherwise be willing to venture.  In this post, we share some thoughts for smart buying in a seller’s market.  Know […]

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Backyard Oasis

January 30, 2014

You may not be thinking about improving your backyard living space as you look out the window on a dreary, rainy winter day, but now is the perfect time to begin planning to enjoy the summer months in your backyard oasis! In taking a peek at the Farmer’s Almanac, this summer just may be a […]

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A New Rob Rice Homes Community – Chestnut Village

December 31, 2013

Rob Rice Homes, a local builder with over 28 years experience building in the South Puget Sound, is excited to announce their newest development Chestnut Village.  This new home community is conveniently located on the corner of Yelm Highway and Rich Road and is close to downtown, local shopping and Olympia schools! A variety of […]

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Christmas Forest – A Great Success!

December 23, 2013

Once again, the Providence St. Peter Foundation Christmas Forest was a great success. This year a record amount of $626,000 was raised showing again what a wonderfully generous community we live in! This year the 5 day event had over 4,100 visitors and the Gala Auction and Dinner raised $228,000 towards a permanent Cancer Survivorship Clinic. […]

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As we spend the next couple days in the kitchen…

December 19, 2013

Cooking, baking cookies and creating memories, our kitchens get a lot of mile around the holidays! The abundance of those goodies we share with family and friends, makes this time of giving that much more fun! shared some great packaging ideas for those goodies we share. You can see some of the great ideas […]

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Christmas Forest – 26 Years of Caring Support

November 22, 2013

Providence St. Peter Foundation’s annual Christmas Forest, which runs the first week of December, is certainly an event filled with holiday cheer.  The Red Lion hotel is filled with amazing Christmas trees, wreathes and other holiday décor.  What the event does for the community, however, lasts throughout the whole year.  Proceeds from the event go […]

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Is This a Good Time of Year to Sell?

November 13, 2013

At this time of year, we are commonly asked by clients interested in selling their homes, “Should we wait until spring to list our home?” This question is often rhetorical. There is a common belief that the fewer number of buyers during the winter means it is a less opportune time to sell here in […]

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On The Road to Home Price Rebound

November 7, 2013

Does anyone else miss the old-fashioned paper road map?  Images of a childhood family road-trip come to mind, unfolding the map in the front seat of the station wagon to chart the route of some great new adventure. The map is a great thing because its maker is assuring that even though the road is […]

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