Welcome Jordan Doughty

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on January 13, 2020

We are proud to welcome Jordan Doughty to our company!

Jordan joins us after spending the past couple years working as a ER Veterinary Technician for two local clinics. Jordan was born and raised in Olympia, graduated from Olympia High School, and brings strong local ties and area knowledge to help serve our community.

Jordan is a talented musician, photographer, and graphics designer, as well.

We are so very thrilled to have him join our team! For all of your real estate needs, you can reach Jordan by phone at 360.628.1764 or by email at jordan.doughty@cbolympia.com.


7 Easy Resolutions For Your Home That You Can Definitely Keep

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on January 6, 2020

home resolutionsCleanliness affords cleanliness, and disorder affords more of the unwelcome same. 

Like “little drops of water make a mighty ocean,” it’s those tiny habits we keep that truly make or break us, especially around the home. We can always stand to start a new tidying habit or two, right? And what better time to start than the new year?

Instead of making a list of big commitments that will likely not last, check out our list of easy cleaning resolutions that you definitely can stick with— most in five minutes or less! Carrying out some or all of these small-but-mighty housekeeping tasks, to the point where they become second nature, can be your little New Years resolution that adds up to one big shift within the house.

Make your bed every morning.

put together bedroom“But nobody is even going to see it!” “I don’t have time!” “It’s just going to get unmade again tonight!” Excuses are easy, but so is making your bed. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of your day, it encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy. A quick fluff of the pillows and tug of the sheets and comforter takes only seconds, and it is the easiest way to make your entire bedroom look (and you feel) better instantly. 

Put your clothes away.

folding clothesWhether you’re pulling them out of the dryer or taking them off after a day of wear, don’t just toss your clothes onto the designated clothes chair. In fact, we think you should get rid of that designated clothes chair altogether! Every item should have its own place. Clean: in drawers, hung up, or folded and put away. Dirty: in the hamper (or even better, in the washer). This will ultimately save you so much time down the road.

Clear the table, and do those dishes immediately after the meal.

doing dishesJust like your clothes, you won’t want to let your dishes pile up! Whether they’re dirty, on your table or in your sink, or clean and just sitting in the dishwasher. Again, this will save you lots of time (and stress) later on. 

Clean your shower after every use.

shower squeegeeWhen was the last time you gave your shower…a shower? Seriously. All the mildew and grout that builds up over time is easily preventable with this simple cleaning trick that you can do while you’re already in there cleaning yourself! Simply remove the moisture— squeegee the shower walls, floors and doors immediately after every use. You can wipe these areas again with a dry towel to remove any mildew-causing moisture.

Clean out your closet.

donation boxYou probably received more than a few new pieces of clothing over the holidays (presents from loved ones or even treats to yourself), so now is the perfect time to unload the excess from your closet. You don’t have to ‘Marie Kondo’ every item in your wardrobe, but removing even just a few old pieces will help ensure your closet doesn’t burst from the seams. You can sell unwanted items or donate them to someone who needs them just a little bit more. You’d be surprised how relieving it is to lighten your load!

Raid your kitchen for expired food.

opening refrigeratorDid you know that your dried spices expire? Believe it or not, even those non-perishables perish, and we’re willing to bet that there are items in your kitchen that are no longer safe to eat. It takes almost no time at all to go through your kitchen, examine the labels, and toss out whatever has expired. Food labels can be confusing, but luckily there are lots of online resources to help you figure out your food’s consumption dates. You should also make note of what is nearing its expiration date, and make it a point to consume it ASAP.

Tidy up your medicine cabinet.

tidy your medicine cabinetJust like your food, medications have expiration dates. From Benadryl to cortisone cream, it all goes bad eventually. Go through your designated cabinet and remove all expired items, toss out anything that only exists to take up space, and re-organize what’s left so it’s easily accessed.

This list doesn’t look too scary, does it?


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Welcome Beth Hedrick

August 2, 2019

We are proud to welcome Beth Hedrick to our Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty team! Beth comes to us with a strong background in customer service and a caring, dedicated and knowledgable spirit ready to assist her clients with all their real estate needs. Beth is orginally from Tennesee and a proud Army wife. Her […]

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Welcome Vickie Jackson

July 12, 2019

We are proud to welcome Vickie Jackson to our company! Vickie is a familiar face to our industry as well as the Coldwell Banker family. Vickie comes to us with 13 years of real estate success within Lewis, Thurston and Cowlitz counties. She has her reputation & success on the quality foundations of expertise, professionalism, […]

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2019 Inspirational Educator Award

June 30, 2019

We were honored to round out the 2018-2019 school year awarding the Inspirational Educator Award winner, Katherine Sartori. Katherine is the orchestra teacher at Washington Middle School and was chosen for this award by our 2019 first-place scholarship winner. Fiona Whitaker. Our surprise ceremony awarding Katherine was touching and absolutely wonderful to take part in. […]

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First Place Scholarship Winner – Fiona Whitaker

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Congratulations to Fiona Whitaker, our first place winner in our 9th annual What Makes a House a Home scholarship contest. Fiona wrote a very beautiful essay painting a vivid picture of how she defines “Home”. Her beautiful analogies of home bring the story to life in your mind, “Picture this: A cement foundation poured, a […]

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