First Place Scholarship Winner – Margaret Maclay

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on June 12, 2016

PNG_9635(Margaret is pictured here with her mother Annie Maclay  and siblings Ellen and Tavish)

Congratulations to the first place scholarship winner of our 6th annual What Makes a House a Home scholarship contest, Margaret Maclay. Margaret – now known to us as Maisie –  wrote a fantastic essay about the history of her home. Her essay was rich with the memories from her first home to the warmth of her new address. A read we are sure you too will enjoy!

Wonderful work Maisie!

Here’s her winning essay:

The History Of My Home

By Margaret Maclay

My current house is not my first home. It is the second address to live at the tip of my tongue, and the second set of directions written on the back of my hand. It came later, replacing the house that all three kids were born in, the first house my parents had together, the house that remembered my first words, my first steps, my first tantrum. As a particularly sentimental person, I was more than reluctant to let go of this history and call a new place home. Eventually, I realized that we are a family of individuals living in an eternal work in progress, and it is these two things that make our house a home.
I watched this house being built from the ground up by my dad’s own hands. I saw every ounce of work he poured into building something better for our growing family, and watched as he woke up for work at six and then drove across town at five in the evening to work on our new house, sometimes not coming back until nine. My own handprint lies in the cement foundation, a nine year old’s mark on the world. However, for all the sawdust summers, the way the nailgun rewrote the rhythm of my heart beat, it was never quite finished. There are always half started ideas and unfinished plans.
Now, six years later, I walk into my house everyday by turning the stiff doorknob a little extra hard, ignoring the light fixture in the entryway that has never had a bulb. I walk past my dad’s building plans laid out across the coffee table, my brother’s trains chugging their way across the living room floor, my mom’s shoes covered in dirt from gardening, my sister’s unassuming masterpieces gracing the dining table, my own books and dance shoes piled high on the couch. I’m alone in the living room, but I can hear my mom’s fingers flying at sixty words a minute as she works in the office, my four year old brother having a teaparty with his stuffed animals, and my sister singing in her room as she works on her latest artwork. In a few hours I’ll pass my dad in the driveway as he comes home and I go to dance.
Everyone in my family has their own story and they leave little paragraphs inside the unpainted walls, the piles of belongings littering the stairs. I don’t need a history to make my house a home. I just need my family to keep writing their own history, and I need my home to store that history until we need to move it.



Second Place Scholarship Winner – Ryan Birbeck

by Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic Realty, Inc. on June 10, 2016

PNG_9638(Ryan is pictured here with girlfriend Maddy Welling and parents Jeff and Traci Birbeck)

Congratulations to Ryan Birbeck, our second place winner in our 6th annual What Makes a House a Home scholarship contest. Ryan wrote a great essay about his comfortable and welcoming home – one we would all love to visit!

Wonderful job Ryan!

Here’s his winning essay:

What Makes My House a Home

By Ryan Birbeck

A home can have many different meanings and interpretations from person to person, but to me not just any house can be a home. A home has to be somewhere where you are free from the coldness of the outside world, and where you can be sheltered away from the harshness of reality when needed. A home is a place where people support you without you having to ask them to. It doesn’t matter if these people are your family or friends as long as they are there for you. Home is a place where you can relax and unwind.
To me, home is a place where my dad first taught me to throw and catch a football, and where my mom doesn’t rip my head off after forgetting to clean the bathroom for a fourth time. A home is where I found the most loyal dog waiting for me to get home every day after school for 12 years. My home is where my close friends know that they do not have to knock to come in, because they are welcome day and night 24/7. In my home, we have heated ping pong matches on late summer nights followed by nostalgic bonfire talks. We play backyard baseball and games of horse on the cul-de-sac basketball hoop.
My home is where I was taught to be a man, how to treat others, how to be compassionate about life, and how to stand up for myself when needed. My home is where I often put in four hours a night on AP homework, so I can be successful and one day make myself a new home for my own family. What makes my house a home is not taking for granted all the aspects that I see some other people’s living environments are lacking such as parental figures, food on the table, endless moral support, and love. If you know for sure that the house you have is a home, never take that for granted. Every time I walk in my house there isn’t even a question about it. This is my home.


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